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GPUminer is at the forefront of the crypto mining revolution. Our mission is ambitious
yet straightforward: to harness cutting-edge mining algorithms for maximum
profitability, while fostering a thriving community where every member shares in our

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Optimized Mining for Uninterrupted Profits

GPUminer Token

The GPUminer token helps users benefit from earning rewards from our mining. It takes away the heavy lifting from the users having to setup their own mining rigs.


Easy Staking

Users will have the opportunity to stake their tokens into the “CMINER Mining Pool”. this will be where users are rewards the profits from our mining pools.


Live Dashboard

Our Mining rig dashboard has been custom built so users can see all our active miners, and their current HASH rates, Profit Summaries, Reward history and more.


Future GPU Dedicated Servers

In our roadmap we have highlighted onbarding of selling GPU dedicated Cloud servers. There will be an array of plans to choose from.


Future Custom Mining Pools

We will be bringing in our own mining plans, where users can simply select which plan to mine with a click of a button.

Immediate Updates and Transparency

At GPUminer, we have a direct line of communication to the owners of the RIGs that we rent, ensuring we’re always in the loop. This feature guarantees transparency, providing immediate updates on any unexpected downtimes or maintenance activities directly affecting our mining operations.

Frequently Asked Question

GPUMiner is a cryptocurrency mining platform that simplifies earning rewards through crypto mining. By staking Chainminer tokens, users gain access to a share of profits from our comprehensive mining operations.

To begin, purchase and stake GPUMiner tokens. This action secures your share of the mining profits without the need for technical expertise or managing hardware.

The ability to choose your own mining pool is in development, promising users future control over their mining strategy and optimization for greater returns.

GPUminer’s ease of use and upcoming features, like dedicated GPU server leasing and customizable mining pools, cater to both novice and experienced miners, offering flexibility and efficiency unmatched in the crypto mining space.

Rewards are distributed proportionally to token holders based on their staked amount, ensuring a fair and automated profit sharing. Simply claim your rewards or pool your rewards until you wish to withdraw them.


Unlock the full potential of cryptocurrency
mining with GPUminer’s easy-to-use platform.